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My name is Layne, and I'm the founder of

Girls Do It Better. I've been living in Galveston for about

three years after a lifetime of world travel.

I'm so happy to be settled!

My first construction project came as a

surprise - after purchasing a 300 year old water mill

in France, my family and I realized that it was

nearly impossible to get reliable artisans to help

with the renovation. I ended up doing 75 per cent

of the work myself over about a three year period.

Old House.jpg


New House.jpg


And it's not just difficult in France!

I've noticed that when it comes to some of

the boys around Galveston, construction work is often left unfinished or improperly done. Some jobs are even considered too small to bother with. 

And that's where Girls Do It Better comes

in! I bring experience and ideas from all over the

world to create household solutions that are

uniquely yours! 


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